XpandCTF - Qualification Round πŸš€

🌐 What's XpandCTF?

XpandCTF is not just a competition; it's an experience in cybersecurity excellence. Dive into challenges, solve puzzles, and elevate your skills in a fun and collaborative environment.

✨ Recap:
  • When: October 14, 2023
  • Where: Virtual
  • Contest website: Here
πŸ‘₯ Participation:
  • 90+ teams
  • 300+ participants
  • From around the world
πŸ” Challenges:
  • Diverse cybersecurity challenges
  • Categories: Web, Reverse, Forensics, Crypto, Pwn, Mobile, Misc, SIGINT, OSINT
  • You can see the challenges: Here
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🏁 Final round:

To know more about the final round of XpandCTF check its page on the website here